RI Air Guard Air Show June, 12, 2016

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Hi Again,

Went to the air show the day after the Scottish Festival, BUSY weekend. Took a total of 541 pictures at the air show. Needless to say I’m not posting all of them here. Had quite a few out of focus and since I had the camera on multi shoot a lot of duplicates but hey, ya never know whats ya got til you looks at’em…

Anyway, a few of them came out pretty good and I’ll share those with you here.




Sabre Jet


Shockwave a jet powered 18 wheeler cab.


The famous P-51 Mustang fighter from World War II. It was THE best in the air.

IMG_0029 IMG_0036 IMG_0057 IMG_0073 IMG_0135 IMG_0148 IMG_0197 IMG_0208 IMG_0231 IMG_0274 IMG_0040IMG_0296 IMG_0358 IMG_0378 IMG_0502