Term Loan And Security Agreement

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24. LEGAL AND COLLECTION FEES. To the extent that current legislation does not prohibit, the borrower must pay the lender, at his request, all fees and all fees, including, but not limited, to collection fees, all commissions and expenses of the jurisconsults and all other expenses of the same or other nature that may be issued by Tel to pay obligations either against the borrower. , either against the prosecution or defence of measures, or on all matters arising from the individual or related to the individual. with respect to the agreement, commitments or guarantees, or the rights or interests of the lender, including, without restricting the universality of the above, any legal fees or expenses incurred in the course of bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, as well as all costs and expenses (including research costs) incurred by Lender in connection with the management , the supervision, protection or implementation of Lender`s debt guarantee, if this guarantee was granted by the borrower or another person who was held liable in the first or second (with or without recourse) for that debt, and all costs and expenses incurred by Lender with respect to the defence , the liquidation or satisfaction of a claim, debt or debt against Lender. To the extent that current legislation permits, all these expenses become part of the commitments and, at the lender`s choice: (i) payable on demand; (ii) be added to the loan balance and be distributed and payable with all installments due for the remaining term of the loan; or (iii) as payment of balloons due and payable at the maturity of the loan. This right applies in addition to all other rights and remedies to which the lender may be entitled in the event of a delay. Section 9.18 Full agreement. This loan agreement and each of the other transaction documents together constitute and contain the entire agreement of the borrower, representative and lenders, and distort all agreements, negotiations, correspondences, agreements and prior communications between the parties, written or orally, in accordance with the purpose of this agreement.

44. CONFIDENTIALITY. The borrower may not publish, publish or otherwise publish a copy of the agreement, statement or public description of the terms of this Agreement, except for its employees, advisors and others who have a legitimate need to know its contents.