Vfw Hall Rental Agreement

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If the room`s tenants want a CCE beer, it`s a 150.00 $de plus. Without the exclusive approval of VFW Post 8573, no VFW Post-owned aircraft must be moved or used. Not the wall of honor, please. The person signing this contract is responsible for the behaviour of the guests. The kitchen rent is $50.00 in addition to the rental fee. The kitchen must be cleaned by the tenant and be in the same condition as at the beginning of the event. For those who wish to rent our lobby or looking for information when renting the lobby, you can visit us on site during normal operating hours or contact us here. For those who wish to organize a group event in our post office, contact us to find out if rent is necessary or not. The fee for non-members to rent the lobby is $300.00 (free for members).

All hall rentals require a cleaning fee of $400, this fee is refunded after a satisfactory cleaning of the lobby. The tax is paid at the time of signing the lease. The use of garbage cans near BBQ Pit is strictly prohibited. Our trash can is outside the canteen. The termination of the lease must take place within 48 hours of the date of the lease in order to obtain a full refund. NOT BYOB People who rent the lobby must purchase all drinks (beer, wine, soden and water) through the VFW Post 8573 canteen/bar. People who bring beer wine or sodas are asked to leave the house. Please point out to your customers that we are only cash and that we do not accept credit cards, we have an ATM on site. Children are not allowed to enter the bar or playroom.

When music is played during the event, we need a pre-registration, the volume is kept at an appropriate level. The level is a request for judgment from the bartender or post agent who oversees the event. The Post Office can provide a special bartender at a price of $20.00 per hour for the duration of the event if you request it. The terms of a bartender must be made at the time of signing this agreement. Rent the VFW Post 1760 room for parties, receptions, special events, organizing events or other social meeting places! Located in the heart of downtown Mesa, our building has many amenities and support for your special event. For those interested, you can visit to take a tour of the post-building room. Parking is permitted on the land closest to the main entrance. Limited parking near the rear entrance. No parking allowed in ten locations per BBQ Pit.

Don`t look at the parking signs. For those who book, the documents must be signed and receive a down payment of $100. We reserve the right to refuse service to everyone. No one under the age of 21 is served alcohol. Please fill in and send an email to: VFW Post 8573 P. O. Box 1576 Canyon Lake 78133 At no time will glitter, confetti or canning cords be allowed! A violation of this rule results in an additional cleaning fee of $100.00! For those who want to arrange a funeral in our post office for a U.S. military veteran, we currently have no service fee for this activity.