Y Combinator Partnership Agreement

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Nolo Press has a number of great books that help you set up your organizational structure, and they contain templates for your business agreement. I searched it in Borders last weekend. You`re a genius. And they`re like 20 or 30 bucks. 🙂 Searching on Google for the “partnership agreement” gives me a lot of results. Is one of these problems better suited to our situation? Thank you very much, I very much appreciate your help. Denny Mius Advice, first get a “meeting of minds” and express it in plain English is on hand, do not count on a lawyer to help you reach an agreement with a partner, rely on a lawyer to report risks and problems that you may not have taken into account (example. B the establishment of a buy-sell agreement). I myself have set up a full application, no financing/company, etc.

I bring a co-founder who will help make this a reality. I`m ready to go with him 50/50. But, as we both discussed, we need to create some kind of agreement (before starting a business/store/etc)that protects me, so that if it`s not just going to leave with 50% of the business and not do the job. How should this be implemented? An investment is a partnership and it is bad karma to over-eviscerate a partner. He`s risking his money for the rise. An advantage comes from an acquisition or IPO, not a buyout by the founders. All right. Now we understand the sAFes and how they are built. We`ll talk about dilution and understand how your cap tables work. All right. So we`re going to go through that process. So let`s start with the creation of our company, which Carolyn talked about from the beginning of the start-up course, I believe, so I hope it won`t be something new for you.

Then we`ll talk about what`s going on, if you raise money on SAFE some post-money SAFes, then we`ll talk about what happens when you hire people and start issuing equity to employees. And then the company will do a price tour. And what will happen to the heading table at this point? And now I`m going to let you know. This starts to get into the math nade of the whole case, so you turn your brain and you keep concentrating. All right. So, the community. So suppose it`s a really simple business, there are two founders, and they share their shares equally between the two.