Gillette Castle Visit

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Went on a little visit to the castle on Saturday with Meredith. We took the trikes, her CanAm and my Goldwing. My trip meter showed 126.5 miles for the round trip. Started at the shed and ended at her house. Then we went for PIZZA at Crusty’s. Mmmmmmmm good. Still go there, even from N. Kingstown, still the best I’ve found.

Anyway, the castle was sure different. Built by William Gillette, an American actor around the turn of the century, the 19th century. I hope you like the pics and also hope you take the trip yourself to see it. The ferry was down near the bottom of the hill the castle is on so it was close anyway, enough to stop for a short look. Pay attention to the flood marker sign!

Don’t usually fiddle with the pics before I post them but took all these with the phone and it seems all the pics it takes are on the dark side so I adjusted them a bit.

As always, hope you like the pics and also hope you’re having a great day!

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