Beavertail on Jamestown Island

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I’m on a roll. Thought I’d add a few of the pics I took of Beavertail on Jamestown Island when we were there a couple a three weeks ago traveling around looking for the whichness of the why. Still haven’t found it yet but I’m still looking. Thus this is still listed as ramblings.
Even though I’ve seen more ocean than most, and at one time I was really sick of seeing it, I’m still drawn back to it. It is really hard to express what the ocean can bring out in an individual. Love, hate, awe, fear. These feelings and more. Being on the ocean in a hurricane on an old World War 2 destroyer and take 56 degree rolls, knowing the top end for that tin can is 65 degrees, and it may not recover from that.
Compare those memories to what Beavertail was like the day we were there and you can see the cause of the feelings involved. Comparatively speaking it was as smooth as glass that day. 1/7/16

As always, hope you enjoy at least a little bit what I see when I click that shutter,

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That bit of white is ice still around. The temperature was in the 50’s this day.

The foghorns for the lighthouse. Meredith consented to show you an idea of the size of them. Those sounding off might wake you up out of sound sleep.




One of the old retired fire engines from Block Island in someones front yard I saw as I passed a house in Jamestown.