Surprising start to this past week!

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Surprised the hell out of me. Spent Sunday and Sunday night coughing and hacking away and couldn’t lay down without hacking even more so I slept, off and on, in my comfy big recliner and hacked and coughed there. Comes the morning and trying to go tinkle I can barely get up to get it done. By 11:00 I’m done, I called the rescue and was promptly taken to the hospital. I was released, uh, discharged Wednesday about 3:00. Noooooooo, I don’t have any pictures of my great visit at the hospital. Bronchitis is or was the apparent culprit.
Was off Thursday as always and went back to work on Friday and of course today. Long days, let me tell ya, loooong days.

Guess that’s about all from this neck of the woods. Hope you and yours had a better week than I did,