Echo Taps RI Veterans Cemetery, Exeter RI.

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Today the Patriot Guard Riders (of which I am a member) stood a flag line. That, is what we do. Normally it is for a veterans family wishing to have the honors that a family member earned. A veteran or first responder family only needs to ask and we stand the line. Today, was different. Today was a ceremony to honor fallen comrades.
You have heard Taps played. You may have even seen it in a movie or two. A bugler is playing Taps in the foreground and another bugler is playing it again as if an echo. Hence the name, Echo Taps.
Today around the World War II memorial horn players (Bugles Across America) and US Naval Sea Cadets alternated as they played Taps one after the other. The Sea Scouts slowly coming to a salute as the horn next to him or her starts to play. After the circle is completed Mike plays the last Taps.
All the horn players proceed to the memorial followed by the PGR flag line behind them. Taps is played again by all the horn players and Mike is then the echo from above the military plaques.
Rolling Thunder performs a very emotional ceremony of rifle, helmet and boots that I hope all of you have seen a picture of. You will see pictures of the finished ceremony among those I’ve uploaded tonight.

This is something I wish all of you could see and it is held every year just before Memorial Day. Next year why don’t you come down and watch it and listen to it. I believe you will be moved by it. We loose hundreds of veterans every month WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and many others that didn’t serve in a war or “police action”. Sadly there are too many people both young and old that haven’t a clue. Sad, sad!

To all you brothers and sisters, I SALUTE YOU!
If I did this right this is a link to two videos I took today. If it doesn’t work, SORRY!
Below are some of the 84 pictures I took today. They aren’t in any particular order, just the way I uploaded them to my site.

Thank You for YOUR service,