Pt Judith re-visit for Milky Way photos

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Hi Ya,
Gonna try hitting Pt Judith tonight. Milky Way is suppose to be up between 2:30-3:30 am so I’m going to go down there and see what I can see and photograph. Try to get them in focus this time heheheheh. Still don’t know what I did wrong last time. Figure I’ll head that way about 1am or so give me time to get the camera in focus and take some shots of the lighthouse too. Of course it is suppose to be partly cloudy today and tonight so I will have to just wait around to see if it clears up enough now and then to allow me a few shots. Each one takes about 13 seconds so a lot of clouds can obscure a good pic by then.

So if I get some half way decent pics I’ll put some of them up here tomorrow or Monday.

As always, hope you have a good one or three,


It’s 3:03am, just got back from Pt Judith and the only thing there was clouds, POOP!
Oh well there is always next weekend, I’ll try again then.