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Long look from the head of the strip at Weirs Beach.


The photo tower, about 25′ up which is were I took a couple of the photos from. It’s a charity thing for the $3 to go up.


This is a small memorial for Korean and Viet Nam veterans out Rte 104, not far from the campground I stayed at.


The plaque at the base of the flags at the memorial.


This from the restaurant out from the arcade that hangs out over the lake near the foot of the strip. IMHO not really worth the money, expensive and the food was cold or maybe barely warm. Show the bow of the Mount Washington and the welcome to Laconia sign.


You saw the bow, well here is the rest.


From the tower which is at the foot of the strip, towards the head of the strip.


This again from the tower, toward the head of the strip but aimed down to show what was near the base of the tower itself.



This is just a shot I liked from about 20 I took on route 106 headed toward Laconia. That 106 was one of the best rides ever. Brand new road surface with spectacular views such as this along the way. What a “ride” is all about. Too bad is is so short. “Beautimous”


Another shot from Rte 106.


106 shot also.


I’m not sure when a big rock becomes a boulder but I do believe these qualify as boulders. If not, I apologize to boulders everywhere.


No boulders were harmed during the taking of these images.