4th of July Fireworks at Jamestown, RI – 2016

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Hi Ya All,

Hope you’ve had a great holiday weekend! Here in RI it was great! The weather co-operated, the temperatures were great. COMFORTABLE!

Meredith and I both worked Friday but the rest of the weekend was free and clear. Did a few things around the house on Saturday and Monday. You know those gotta do stuff you’ve been putting off til you have a moment to do type stuff. Yea, those!

Sunday we went to Rocky Point and I’ll cover that in a separate post. This one is about fireworks.

We left a little past six and drove down getting there about a quarter to seven and of course drove around looking for a parking spot. Finally found one or should I say MADE one. Got our stuff together and went to the center of the entertainment area. Goofed of there a bit and then Lauren and Kathy from the RI Photo Safari found us. They were waiting for someone else and pointed us in the general direction where the fireworks are fired from a barge in the bay. Barge showed up about 8:30 towed by a tug. A police boat (flashing blue lights) appeared to be keeping other boats from getting too close to it, and the fireworks started a bit after 9.

Hope you like the pics I did capture. Never attempted to take pics of them before so it was a learning experience for both of us as Meredith hadn’t either.

Thanks for looking,



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